Morgan Newman

Morgan Newman | Bloomington, TN – Public Policy and Sociology, 2019

Morgan is a first-year student at Vanderbilt University from Bllomington, Indiana. Morgan will be working and focusing on aspects of public policy and health policy that affect the community of Newham, London. Morgan will have the opportunity to partner with many different organizations that focus on health-related issues.

Blog Post One:

I’ve been to Europe twice before but both times with my mom. I have also been traveling by myself on airplanes since I was a little kid. Both of these facts did not keep me from being nervous flying across the Atlantic ocean by myself. Luckily, I, along with the rest of my cohort made it to London Heathrow safely. The first day waiting at the airport was by far the longest, but once everyone arrived and picked up their luggage we were on our way to Queen Mary University, where we will be staying for the first part of our program. My first impression of London was that it’s structure and atmosphere was pretty similar to most other european cities I’ve traveled to. There are tons of centuries old buildings and (my favorite part) tons of public transportation, like the underground railway, AKA the tube, buses and the DLR. My initial impressions gave me a sense of relief and comfort that I was not going into completely foreign territory. It was not until the second day where I began finding some of the awesome and unique things London has to offer.
Our second day in London we went grocery shopping where we spent over 500 pounds buying food to cook for the next week. It was really our first time seeing parts of the city during the daytime, which allowed us to have a better look around. On the bus to the grocery story I found myself noticing the incredible amount of diversity. There were people of many different ethnic and racial backgrounds living together. While I have been exposed to many different cultures and people I have never before walked down a street seeing locals of all different backgrounds seamlessly walking and cohabiting together. London is a very special city with incredibly high numbers of diversity, while the city comes with its downfalls and it’s important to remember that there still is tension between groups of people (as there always has been, and, unfortunately, probably always will be), there is something so unique to this city and especially the borough of Newham and Tower Hamlets that we are living in. I am looking forward to the following weeks getting to experience several different cultures in the same city!


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  1. janice nichols says:

    Morgan, I sure understand how you felt about London in regard 2 a lot of people speaking all kinds of languages in the streets. It seemed so different for me when I traveled to London being raised in Nashville.Loved the pictures of the Landscapes. Look forward 2 learning more about your trip.


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