Mona Quarless

Mona Quarless | Brooklyn, NY – M.Ed., Child Studies

Mona is a master’s student in the Empirical Research Track of the Child Studies program. Mona’s service project will target the implementation of culturally-sensitive practices when working with community-based projects.


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  1. ed nichols says:

    Hi Mona, I read your post on another website and replied there but I am not sure that my reply went through so I am going to repeat it here.

    Your observation that the history of South Africa closely parallels that of the United States is spot on. As someone who grew up in the ’60s I have seen first hand how much the United States has changed and improved and at the same time how much it has remained the same. I share your concerns and frustration and your desire for a better future and what is more important is that the overwhelming majority of our fellow citizens do as well. Never lose your enthusiasm and your determination to help those who have been discriminated against and always remember that history and numbers are on our side. Ed


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